Letter written out of ignorance

I was recently left at a lost for words after reading the previous letter to the editor entitled “gallery should use discretion.” In it was almost a rant about how a certain person felt art should be displayed at F.U. With respect to its writer and the little relevant information put into word form, I must say that it was written out of ignorance. Ignorant being defined as the lack of knowledge. I say this because, if the writer understood what art is, (or how certain aspects of it need to be overlooked) she would have not written with such an ill intent. How she Strongly voice her opinion on how she felt certain things need to be censored. (The art at F.U.) And then end with a contradiction to the majority of her previous statements. (“This isn’t a call for censorship”), was mind blowing.

Let’s give art a thought before we examine the previous letter anymore. At some point wasn’t everything we love and value about art “cliche,” “unheard of,” or just plain and simple a stupid idea. Until someone was actually able to show the beauty in these things.

I don’t think it’s a question of the what art should be placed in the gallery. They have people selected to make that decision. And the writer clearly isn’t one of them. I think it’s a question of what the WRITER defines art as. And clearly she wants to put parameters on it.

And that alone in my opinion would defeat the purpose of Art.

Christopher Marquise

Hampton, Virginia