Choose or reject God’s love

When God created the world, He made humans so that He could express His Love outside the Trinity. But God doesn’t want forced Love, so He had to find a way to allow us to CHOOSE to love Him. So sin entered the world. The choice? Choose God’s Love or reject it.

So when people began to multiply, God chose one man to start a race of people who could tell the world about this choice they have. He chose Abraham. God made a race through Abraham’s promised child, Isaac, and then Isaac’s chosen child, Jacob. The Jewish race.

So now we have a race of people to proclaim God to the world and teach everyone about this choice we have. Either choose to remain separated from God or choose to Love Him.

The Jews were in direct conversation with God. They taught the world how to live, they taught the world about God. They even wrote the Bible. The Jews then gave us our long-awaited Messiah, Jesus Christ.

However, the Jews didn’t recognize Jesus as their Messiah and therefore they lost their mission to evangelize the world. The Jews were supposed to be the “light of the world.”

So what now? The job was handed over to non-Jews, the Gentiles. (We Gentiles need to appreciate this.) So now The Church is the “light of the world,” given this mission of preaching God’s good news. Choose your Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ!

However, this does not mean God has forsaken the Jews.

When He made a covenant with them, it was an EVERLASTING covenant, never to be broken! God will never break His promises! The Jews are not lost. They have survived 5,000 years. They are the only race to lose their land for 1500 years and come back again and revive their language and nationality, just as predicted by the scriptures!

God will RESTORE the Jews! We can be thankful for this and rejoice, because our brothers in the faith will be redeemed!

God loves His people and has not rejected them! Therefore, we, the Church, MUST love them too!

Israel is the apple of God’s eye! God’s home on earth is Jerusalem on Mt. Zion!

He will one day rule there again from His Mighty Throne in the (rebuilt) Temple standing high on Temple Mount! Maranatha!

Rachel Laurn