Keweenaw Land Trust deserves our thanks

The Keweenaw Peninsula is one of the most spectacular places on earth. One of the features that make it so desireable for both residents and visitors alike is the abundance of land available for public use. Whether it be a scenic trail, a waterfall or a historic site, there are so many opportunities its hard to believe.

But these opportunities don’t magically appear. Many local parcels are preserved because of the diligence of a very special organization … The Keweenaw Land Trust.

Since 1996 the KLT has worked to protect the land and water of the Keweenaw through conservation, and education.

Over the years the KLT has purchased some of the most beloved areas of the Keweenaw for safekeeping.

But they do more than buy up land. According to their website, “KLT applies effective strategies to protect and restore natural areas, watersheds, heritage lands, traditional farms, forests and family lands.”

On Saturday the KLT will host their second Land Jam at the South Range Hall. The evening features several bands and is hoped to raise about $5,000. All the money raised will go towards the land protection fund, which is used to buy nature areas.

Currently the KLT is looking to complete a community forest project along the Pilgrim River. According to Garrett Neese’s article in Tuesday’s Daily Mining Gazette, other priorities include the Lightfoot Bay Coastal Wetlands Preserve and the Mason Nature Area in the City of Houghton.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the Keweenaw Land Trust for all they have accomplished in a relatively short period of time. We encourage everyone to turn out for the Land Jam Saturday. Working in partnership with organizations such as the KLT, we all can ensure the beauty of the Keweenaw will continue to endure.