Arlo Guthrie

CALUMET?- He’s a cultural icon with songs dating back decades and is the son of other icon Woody Guthrie and on Monday Arlo Guthrie will be performing live at The Calumet Theatre.

Jay Maki, Calumet Theatre technical director, said that with the successful times Guthrie had played at The Calumet Theatre in the past, it was something they were looking to do again.

“We know he’s got a lot of fans in the area and people enjoy his shows,” Maki said.

There was also another reason for bringing Guthrie, which was to tie his appearance in with the 100 year anniversary of the miners’ strike and the Italian Hall tragedy, as well as the 100th birthday of his father, Woody, who wrote a song about the strike and tragedy.

“With that in mind, it seemed like a really good tie-in to have this year,”?Maki said. “We weren’t able to work him out on a schedule last year.”

Maki estimates that the last time Guthrie played up here was around 2007 and so far ticket sales for the show have been going well.

“I?think most of the main floor is sold out and we still have seats in the balcony,”?Maki said. “People can still get seats.”

Maki said Guthrie will perform his popular stuff and the songs that people expect of him.

“He’s going to sing songs that he learned from his dad, he’s going to sing some of his own material and his son Abe will be playing with him,” Maki said. “Thus (the name of the tour) ‘Here Come the Kid(s)’ because it’s him and his son.”

Arlo Guthrie will be performing at 7:30 p.m. Monday. Tickets are on sale now and will cost $40, $34 or $28 dollars.