Survey calls a sign of the times in which we’re living

As Dan Roblee reported in a Page 1 story Thursday, some folks in the Ontonagon area became suspicious, concerned and even frightened by telephone calls from a survey company.

From the onset the calls raised eyebrows because the company, which Roblee was able to identify as Key Research Solutions, used at least two other names when taking information.

It was indeed the nature of that information that raised more red flags. A woman was questioned about the presence of men in the home and their ages. There were also questions regarding finances and phone usage. In at least one case the caller misrepresented herself, stating she had talked earlier to a woman’s husband when, in truth, she had not.

When Roblee contacted the president of the survey company, he was met with disbelief, resistance and annoyance.

President Ed Ledek then ended a telephone conversation with key questions left unanswered.

In our opinion it certainly seems Key Research Solutions went beyond the realms of information gathering.

Time and time again, law enforcement remind us of what we should do in situations such as these. At the top of these lists are “Don’t give out personal information over the telephone.”

We thank and salute the Ontonagon County Sheriff’s Department for their quick response to this situation and their efforts to put the safety of citizens at the forefront.

Perhaps the survey was not a front for attempts to “case” a home for a potential burglary as some suspected. But judging by the response from the company and their unwillingness to answer the simplest of questions, it seems to us there was more to this survey than meets the eye.