Airline must have backup plan

To the editor:

Stranded at OHare in Chicago. Returning to the U.P., landed at O’Hare on 4/29. Evening flt. cancelled late at night so rescheduled for 11:07 am on 4/30. No rooms available at late night so spent night at the airport along with other stranded passengers and one young couple with 2 small children. Back at the gate we had an oversold plane so passengers were offered money and tickets to go on 5/1 (2 flts/ day). Plane at gate and crew ready to go but flt. again delayed and finally cancelled causing panic with the folks attempting to get back to Hancock.

Heading back to the United ticket counter each individual was dealt the news that now we would have wait 5/1, 5/2 or even 5/3 because planes were already full.

After a long wait we were able to meet with the supervisor. Hoping to get some type of alternative transportation options we were told that once the flt. was cancelled we were on our own. Now we have some passengers renting cars on their own, some flying to Green Bay and Wausau and arranging transportation to Hancock without the help of United.

The young couple had to be back to work on 5/1 so I prayed that they did make it back with a rental car again without Unites help. Flt cancelled.

One of the MTU Board members who was heading up for the graduation headed back to Detroit after wandering around O’Hare for 2 days again with no way to get there.

Now we will have three days of flts. trying to get in and out of Hancock. Good luck.

The supervisor did tell me that he was not supportive of United’s trips to CMX because of all the problems. The Hancock Airport Authority must force United to have a back up plan on either end when this happens. At least will have a portable bridge to use that will help not air travelers.

I plan to try it again on 5/1, wish me luck. I feel really bad to see all of folks stuck down here with no way to get home. The United staff tries but has there hands tied with no alternative options when this happens.

Paul Masini