Hancock enjoys record breaking day

LAKE LINDEN – Most elite track and field athletes try and save their best for last, hoping to put together their top performance of the season in a conference or U.P. Finals meet.

If that’s the case for Hancock sprinter Jacob Jarvis, he will enjoy a season that will live long in Copper Country track and field lore.

The senior hurdler ran his personal best ever time in the 110 high hurdles Friday at the Lakes Invite as the Copper Country outdoor season finally began in earnest, breaking 16 seconds with room to spare as the veteran Bulldog crossed the finish line at 15.74 seconds.

That time also happened to be a school record.

Jarvis etched his name in the Hancock record book past Mike Yeo’s 16.01 second race in 2002, taking down one of his main goals this season with plenty of room to spare. And with the school’s 300-hurdles record in sight and U.P. Finals podium aspirations, Jarvis is banking that the best is still to come.

“I’ve wanted it for a really long time. I didn’t expect that to happen today, I mean look at it outside,” Jarvis said. “These aren’t the conditions you normally break a record in.

“It’s just awesome, just a great feeling. Indescribable really.

“Hopefully now I can break it a few more times.”

Jarvis – who also won the 100 meter dash and 300 hurdles at the six-team meet – chalks up the improvement to some focused, hurdle specific drilling he found online.

After simply outrunning his competition for the better part of the last three years, Jarvis has refined his technique to go with his superior athleticism.

“I read drills online for doing hurdles – that must have helped a little bit,” Jarvis said. “The website I was on said a lot of people liked to put them close together and really high up. So you don’t focus on the running, just the form getting over them. I think that’s what it was, because it feels a lot easier getting over them.”

The Hancock senior has been stewing on the record for the past month ever since winning the 60-meter hurdles at Michigan Tech Indoor Invitational.

A little math revealed a record-breaking pace if he could maintain it.

“I did the math and saw that if I kept that pace I’d be under 16 seconds,” Jarvis said. “I was really excited to see what it would be when we actually ran outside.”

Jarvis was not alone in his record breaking day, as fellow Bulldog Gage Hawthorn flew past Hancock’s discus record with a 114 foot, eight inch throw. The previous record belonged to Zach Wheeler (141 feet, three inches) in 2003.

Hawthorn needed every inch he could manage to take first in the meet with Lake Linden-Hubbell’s Ryan Knoll heaving a 114-5.5 throw, and finishing second by less than three inches.

“They are both such hardworking kids. They put in all the time you could want,” Hancock coach Jesse Chynoweth said of Jarvis and Hawthorn. “Gage is throwing year round, always trying to get better, go farther. And Jacob is the last to leave practice every day, always looking for something more he can do.”

The Lake Linden boys won the meet comfortably, scoring a 189 final score to better Hancock’s 111 second place finish. Dollar Bay came in third with a 75, while Chassell took fourth at 73.

The LL-H boys won all four relay meets and got individual wins from Trent Ambuehl (pole vault) and Trevor Ongie (long jump). Dollar Bay’s Tom Autio swept the distance race wins with a treble in the 800, 1,600 and 3,200. Chassell’s Zachary Cherubini won the high jump and 400.

On the girl’s side the host Lakes squeaked by Hancock, winning 150-148. Dollar Bay finished third with a 120, while Chassell took fourth at 42 points.

The Lakes benefitted heavily from some legacy loyalty, with Carli Ongie winning the 800 meter race by a comfortable 10 seconds.

Ongie is following in the footsteps of her mother, Gail Ongie (formerly Keranen), who holds the school record in the 800 with a 2:29 run.

Those two and a half minutes drive the younger Ongie, currently a sophomore, each race.

“It’s definitely not my favorite race because it’s so hard, but my mom (Gail) has the record for the school,” Carli Ongie said. “So she has always kind of teased me about breaking it. And I’ve been able to do pretty well in it, so that makes me want to keep improving. That goal is always in the back of my mind.

“It is really a race about toughness,” Ongie added. “You have to block it out of your mind. You can’t pace yourself like it’s the mile, but you can’t sprint it out like it’s the 400. So it really is in your mind.”

Carli ran a 2:41 Friday, a strong building block for this early in the season.

After a false start in last year’s U.P. Finals disqualified the then-freshmen, she says she has been more focused than ever.

“It’s really a touchy subject. False starting, especially when it is U.P. Finals, is such a bummer,” Ongie said. “So this year, I’m just focusing so hard. I’ve been training a lot harder, going to the weight room. I want it so bad.”

Besides friendly competition with her mother, Carli is driven by a constant cheering section – her grandparents Jim and Beegu Keranen.

She is hoping to give them a race to they’ll never forget in the near future.

“My Grandma and Grandpa are my biggest fans. They are always helping me, pushing me. We do little bets about times, like, ‘if you don’t beat this time, you will owe me something.’ It’s fun and it really helps when you have that support,” Ongie said.

Lake Linden’s superior depth helped carry the day, as Alexa Destrampe’s high jump win and Ongie’s 800 were the only two individual victories. The Lakes also enjoyed wins in the 400 and 800 relays.

For Hancock, Ellie Lucier seized the 300 hurdles, 200 meters and 100 dash, while finishing second to teammate Julie Heinonen in the 100 meter hurdles. Heinonen also won the long jump. Bulldog Olivia Rouleau swept the throwing events and Abigail Tembreull won the 3,200 and finished second in the 1,600.

For Dollar Bay, Cami Daavettila took the 1,600 crown with an impressive 6:09 time and helped contribute to Dollar Bay’s success in the 3,200 relay.

Shumete Sam won an impressive race in the 400 for Chassell and Baraga’s Sonja Welch cleared the field in the pole vault.

Boys Team Results – Lake Linden-Hubbell 189, Hancock 111, Dollar Bay 75, Chassell 73, Baraga 10, Jeffers 6.

Boys Individual Results

3200 relay – Lake Linden Hubbell (Bradley Moilanen, Tony Myers, Ian Beaudoin, Brett Kauppinen) 10:39.

110 hurdles – 1, Jacob Jarvis, HAN, 15.74; 2, Trevor Ongie, LLH, 17.57; 3, Charles Heckel, LLH,18.59.

100 – 1, Jacob Jarvis, HAN, 12.03; 2, Alex Dewald, HAN, 12.19; 3, Kyle Stromer, CHA, 12.39.

800 relay – Lake Linden Hubbell (Konrad Klein, Luke Monette, Trent Ambuehl, Tyler Roose), 1:43.48

1600 – 1, Tom Autio, DB, 5:15; 2, Kyle Leclaire, DB, 5:18; 3, Brandon Derochier, JEF, 5:28.

400 relay – Lake Linden Hubbell (Konrad Klein, Luke Monette, Trent Ambuehl, Tyler Roose), 49.11.

400 – 1, Zachary Cherubini, CHA, 55.53; 2, Alex Dewald, HAN, 57.20; 3, Brandon Zamora, HAN, 57.28.

300 hurdles – 1, Jacob Jarvis, HAN, 42.71; 2, Trevor Ongie, LLH, 46.0; 3, Arthur Lyons, LLH, 49.26.

800 – 1, Tom Autio, DB, 2:27; 2, Kyle Leclaire, DB, 2:29; 3, Brett Kauppinen, LLH, 2;33.

200 – 1, Alex Dewald, HAN, 25.53; 2, Tyler Roosem LLH, 26.15; 3, Konrad Klein, LLH, 26.37.

3200 – 1, Tom Autio, DB, 11:50; 2, Kyle Leclaire, DB, 12:03; 3, Murphy Mallow, HAN, 12:30.

1600 relay – Lake Linden Hubbell (Arthur Lyons, Ryan Liimatainen, Dayne Matson, thomas Plante), 4:22.

Discus – 1, Gage Hawthorn, HAN, 114-8; 2, Ryan Knoll, LLH, 114-5.5; 3, Adrian Saterstad, HAN, 111-8.

Shot put – 1, Gage Hawthorn, HAN, 49-0; 2, Adrian Saterstad, HAN, 42-7; 3, Austin Serotzke, LLH, 39-2.

High jump – 1, Zachary Cherubini, CHA, 5-8; 2, Kyle Stromer, CHA, 5-8; 3, Arthur Lyons, LLH, 5-6.

Pole vault – 1, Trent Ambuehl, LLH, 11-0; 2, Blake Dupuis, LLH, 10-0; 3, Mitchel Kumpula, LLH, 9-0.

Long jump – 1, Trevor Ongie, LLH, 18-7; 2, Zachary Cherubini, CHA, 18-3; 3, Konrad Klein, LLH, 17-5.

Girls Team Results – Lake Linden-Hubbell 150, Hancock 148, Dollar Bay 120, Chassell 42, Baraga 23.

Girls Individual Results

3200 relay – Dollar Bay (Carli Daavettila, Julia Daavettila, Cmai Daavettila, Taylor Busser), 11:26.

100 hurdles – 1, Julie Heinonen, HAN, 17.81; 2, Ellie Lucier, HAN, 18.84; 3, Jaycie Monticello, CHA, 19.89.

100 – 1, Ellie Lucier, HAN, 14.25; 2, Julie Heinonen, HAN, 14.40; 3, Rachel Holzberger, LLH, 14.44.

800 relay – Lake Linden-Hubbell (Rachel Holzberger, Jana Hendrickson, Alexa Destrampe, Erin Gast), 2:03.

1600 – 1, Cami Daavettila, DB, 6:09; 2, Abigail Tembreull, HAN, 6:13; 3, Carli Daavettila, DB, 6:13.

400 relay – Lake Linden Hubbell (Rachel Holzberger, Stephanie Hary, Erin Gast, Sarah Audette), 57.94.

400 – 1, Shumete Sam, CHA, 1:10; 2, Jana Hendrickson, LLH, 1:10; 3, Shitaye Sam, CHA, 1:12.

300 hurdles – 1, Ellie Lucier, HAN, 2, Xena Cortez, DB, 1:04; 3, Megan Kangas, DB, 1:06.

800 – 1, Carli Ongie, LLH, 2:41; 2, Taylor busser, DB, 2:51; 3, Kaylor Holmstrom, HAN, 2:53.

200 – 1, Ellie Lucier, HAN, 29.45; 2, Julie Heinonen, HAN, 30.65; 3, erin Gast, LLH, 30.84.

3200 – 1, Abigail Tembreull, HAN, 13:24; 2, Cami Daavettila, DB, 13:35; 3, Carli Daavettila, 14:04.

1600 relay – Dollar Bay (Natalie Maxson, Xena Cortez, Sarah Rowe, Taylor Busser), 5:06.

Discus – 1, Olivia Rouleau, HAN, 87-1; 2, Vivica Nelson, 85-2; 3, Beth Sunblad, LLH, 81-2.

Shot put – 1, Olivia Rouleau, HAN, 31-0; 2, Vivica Nelson, LLH, 29-7; 3, Meagan Kangas, DB, 27-3.

High jump – 1, Alexa Destrampe, LLH, 4-6; 2, Ashley Boomer, HAN, 4-4; 3, Emma Sarazin, LLH, 4-4.

Pole Vault – 1, Sonja Welch, BAR, 7-0; 2, Stephanie Harry, LLH, 7-0; 3, Rachel Holzberger, LLH, 7-0.

Long jump – 1, Julie Heinonen, HAN, 12-8; 2, Ayla Laroe, CHA, 12-5; 3, Stephanie Harry, LLH, 11-7.