Auto safety is a message worth repeating often

Just because a particular message has been repeated over and over throughout the years, doesn’t make the message any less pertinent then when if was first delivered.

This weekend marks the double-whammy of the Memorial Day Holiday and the first of the high school graduations. Events typically marked by parties and celebrations, more often than not with alcohol present.

Last year 5 people lost their lives in traffic accidents in Michigan during the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. While that number was half the fatalities of the previous year, it’s still too high.

When it comes to fatalities attributed to graduation parties, the research is less black and white. But what is not a subject to debate is the effect drinking and driving has on the number of traffic fatalities. Factoring the number of young people partying and the potential for tragedy is frightening indeed.

The most telling of all statistic is the common-sense truth that each and every accident caused by a drunk driver is avoidable and preventable.

There are few who haven’t heard the messages, whether they be employing a designated driver, taking cabs or other public transportation or simply staying sober,

These messages have been repeated for years and yet we have no doubt there will be alcohol-related fatalities this weekend, and there shouldn’t be.