There’s really no excuse if you don’t ‘click it’

There’s an old expression that if you play with fire, you’re going to get burned. This week in Michigan an equally true axiom could be “if you drive without a seat belt, it will cost you $65.”

As of Monday, law enforcement across the state have stepped up seat belt enforcement in their annual “Click it or Ticket” campaign.

No doubt you will hear “tales of woe” over the next few days from those who “were only going a short distance” but were caught in the enforcement zones.

The irony is, there is no good reason. We know the zones exist, and in most cases we know where they are and when they are active. So why would anyone not wear their seat belt?

As one law enforcment officer said to a motorist recently, “we’re not looking to write tickets, because there really is no reason not to buckle up.”

Although tickets are being written.

The point of this campaign, as the officer pointed out, is not to dole out tickets but to encourage motorists and their passengers to wear their seat belts.

The reality is seat belts save lives. Plain and simple. Motorists and passengers who are buckled up have a greater chance of surviving an accident. So, as inconvenient as it might seem to some, “Click it or Ticket” really isn’t about catching people and making them pay – it’s about saving their lives.