Over 50 softball season begins

TAPIOLA – South Range and Houghton claimed wins in the opening night of the Over 50 Softball league.

Range notched a 10-4 win over Tapiola in the first game behind three hits each by winning pitcher Dave Kaiponen and Jed Pollard.

Dick Franti and Dave Fehringer added two raps each for Range.

Tapiola was paced by two hits from Pete Oikarinen, Tom Bauer and losing pitcher Jed Denomie.

Houghton held off Chassell by a 9-8 score in the second game.

Winning pitcher Steve Dunstan and Jim Puttonen picked up three raps each for the winners. Tom LeGault homered among his two hits and Pete Pellissero and Pollard had two raps each.

Chassell was paced by three apiece hits from losing chucker Steve Giddings and Steve Ross. Daryl Putala, Kevin Tormala, Nick Lindemann and Gordy Koski tacked on two hits each for Houghton.