Band students say ‘thank you’

Dear Editor,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful community members and businesses of the Copper Country for making our fundraiser, our Spring Raffle and Carnival a huge success! We would like to thank Baraga Pines Convenience Center, Festival Foods, Richie’s Market, UPPCO, Econo Foods, Kukkakauppa, Library Bar, Mine Shaft, Quincy’s Restaurant, Studio Pizza, Car Quest, Habeneros, Kirkish Furniture, Keweenaw Auto, Muffler Shop, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Superior Monogramming, and the People’s Choice Hair Salon! We would also like to recognize the winners of our Spring Raffle: Dave Sommers, Sharon Strom, Cheryl Pelland, Kristen Karianen, Dave Lypsinmaa, Barb Yannatta, Joanne Polzien, Vick, Ron Hebner, Leslie Niva, Pat Janke, Mary Rowe, Kelley Beggs, Uncle Jimmy, Lynn Halley, Erin Barnett, Chris Miller,Marv Luokko, Ellie Pulda, Sharon Mattfolk, Tera Janke, Marty Sutinen and Irita Palosaari. We truly appreciate all of you who donated and purchased our raffle tickets for our trip to Chicago in 2015! Thank you so much!

Dollar Bay/Tamarack City Band Students

Mrs. Paula McKaig, Band Director