PCMI at Tech is the latest chapter in a long history

Congratulations are due to Michigan Technological University’s Peace Corps Masters International Program. Under the program, masters candidates come to Michigan Tech, typically for two semesters and then go, often abroad, fufill a Peace Corps volunteer obligation.

For the ninth consecutive year Michigan Tech has led the nation in the number of graduate students taking part in the PCMI program.

As Meagan Stilp reported in Wednesday’s Page 1 story, 66 Tech grad students are taking part in the program. Of that number 34 are studying on campus while 32 are currently volunteering abroad.

According to Stilp’s story, the Peace Corps has partnerships with about 80 univerisities nation-wide.

But none of those partnerships is as big as the one it has with Michigan Tech. This, of course, should come as no surprise as the Copper Country and the Peace Corps have a relationship that goes well beyond the nine years of the PCMI-Tech partnership.

Long-time Houghton resident, the late Loret Miller Ruppe, known for her volunteer activism in the Keweenaw, was named Peace Corps Director by President Ronald Reagan more than 33 years ago, a position she held for eight years.

And now with the continued growth of the Peace Corps Masters International Program, these talented and dedicated men and woman are taking the academics learned on the Houghton campus into some of the most challenging nations on earth.

We’d like to congratulate all involved with the program and wish it nothing but continued success. You make us all very proud.