Enjoy the beauty of nature

To the Editor:

STOP!! Look around you, nature is beautiful; God gives to us richly, all things for our enjoyment. (I Timothy 6:17-19) In this letter are a few special moments in my life that were in some cases a once in a life time events and were so beautiful words cannot fully do them justice.

I was driving to Copper Harbor one autumn morning on the scenic route the road had new blacktop with newly painted lines. The sun was low and the sunrays were shining through the colorful leaves; as I came around a corner the sunrays were shining on a buck, doe and her fawn standing in a line across the road. It was a perfect postcard picture.

I was returning from a walk on the old KC tracks behind my house one morning when I came to the field just north of Seneca road; there is power pole and line there. On top of the pole was a Turkey Vulture and on the line five more were perched. I stopped “dead” in my tracks and stood very still. One at a time the birds on the wire came swooping own about twenty feet about my head then went and stood in the field to my right. When they were finished the one on the pole joined them without checking me out. They milled around for about five minutes as if they were comparing notes; then flew off. I know they can smell “dead flesh” a mile away. Was this anzzzzzzzzz “omen”, or just really weird? I’m still here. Ha! Ha!

One morning last summer just after it rained the sun came up and as I sat in the chair in my “man cave,” I saw a small light sparkling in the middle of the 30 foot spruce tree outside my picture window. I got my 10 power binoculars out and to my amazement every drop of water hanging from the needles on that tree reflected a prism of light, it was like the tree had millions of red, green, yellow and clear Christmas lights on it. The light show was awesome.

When the grass is at its greenest and manicured, there is a short period of time as the sun rises and sets that even the shadows of the tress in my back yard are beautiful.

Jack Sprietzer