Thanks for help on parking issue

To the editor:

We would like to extend a thank you to retired Attorney Mr. Vairo for speaking on our behalf to the Village of Laurium officials to resolve the parking issues at the ball field and Mr. Jaaskelainen for his advice. Thank you to 41 Lumber and Washington School for their generous offer of material and the school’s offer to print the signs. The support we received from parents and coaches within the CLK area has been very supportive. We have not had a negative response from anyone other than the Laurium council. Laurium’s neighbor Calumet Township comes up with something every year to enhance the CLK area, while the Laurium council takes away things we have enjoyed since the ball fields were established. If the council decides to respond to this letter, we wish they would have the courage of their convictions and sign their names and let the people of the CLK area know who they are. Apathy has run deep at the ballot box in Laurium for years. We can only hope some of the Laurium residents with kinder hearts and a higher degree of consideration for other will step up to the plate and run for council positions. We will continue to pursue this in the future for the few of us that will still be here and those that will follow us in memory of those who have passed on since a resolution to this issue was first requested three years ago. Seniors and handicap people are not responsible for any part of this perceived problem, yet we are the ones most effected by the councils solution. The taxpayer of Laurium, in our opinion, is not getting much of a “bang from their buck” from this council.

Carl Bjorn