Keep garden where it is

To the editor

The quote below was included in the piece about the community garden in the May 29th issue of the Gazette:

“…. That could be a race against a slowly ticking clock however. The county-owned property on either side of the Pewabic Street right-of-way is for sale, and the right-of-way would most likely go to the buyer. MacInnes said he didn’t know where the garden could move to in that case.”

There are several items in the full article which indicate the folly of allowing this property to be sold with the result of moving the garden to another site. Not mentioned is the boon to the city. Community gardening is now a major activity in most progressive cities of the country. Not mentioned in the article is the couple of years it takes to “feed” the soil so it provides the best growth. Cannot the city of Houghton manage to get title to this property along with the neighboring area to allow for expanding this wonderful community benefit? There seems to be no better central location for a community garden. Why let it slip from the community’s hands?

Janet Dalquist