Waupoose attorney seeks change

L’ANSE – A suspect in a Watton robbery appeared in Baraga County Circuit Court Tuesday.

Donavan Waupoose, 21, is scheduled to stand trial on June 23 on charges of an armed robbery in Watton in August 2013. He and co-conspirator Bernard Fish allegedly represented themselves as federal marshals before demanding $10,000 in cash and stealing items such as wallets.

Waupoose’s attorney, Aaron Schenk, filed a motion to withdraw. He said Waupoose would be unable to meet his obligations due to financial concerns, and also said it had been more difficult than anticipated meeting with an out-of-state client who is incarcerated.

While he had anticipated to wait until June 9, he said the severance of the trial with Fish forced his hand.

“I’ve talked it over with Donavan, my client, and we both agree as far as his personal interests go, this is probably the best move for the both of us,” he said.

Waupoose said his family has indicated they would be able to hire a local attorney.

“If you could give me about a week, my mom said she was supposed to be gathering something to get a lawyer from up here,” he said.

Waupoose’s trial date was kept at June 23. Once Waupoose’s attorney is hired, they would be able to file a motion requesting additional time if needed. Fish and his attorney, Matthew Tingstad, discussed Monday the possibility of swapping trial slots with Fish, who is scheduled to go to trial Sept. 15.

Waupoose and Fish are charged with two counts of armed robbery, a felony punishable by life imprisonment; two counts of extortion, a 20-year felony; two counts of unlawful imprisonment, a 15-year felony; and a count of impersonating a police officer to commit a crime, a four-year felony.