Date set in Hancock road change

HANCOCK – Two streets in Hancock are almost ready to change from two-way to one-way traffic.

The intention of the changes is to get better control of traffic in the city.

At their regular meeting on May 21, members of the Hancock City Council approved changing Tezcuco Street between Quincy and Hancock streets from two way to one way going south from Quincy Street to Hancock Street. Members also approved making White Street one way going north to U.S. 41 beginning where Reservation Street ends and White Street starts.

According to surveys of traffic flows on the streets, White Street received 2,339 vehicles in the up-bound lane, and 3,356 vehicles in the down-bound lane in a 24-hour period. Tezcuco Street received 3,225 vehicles in the down-bound lane and 275 vehicles in the up-bound lane.

Bill Marlor, Hancock department of public works director, said workers have installed signs on the two streets indicating the changes, which will officially begin between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Marlor said White Street will remain two way from U.S. 41 to Pine Street, which will be marked local access only. Although the intention is to eventually put up concrete barricades blocking the south bound lane of White Street after Pine Street, that will be done at a later date.

“This first week we won’t have the concrete barrier,” he said. “There will be a lot of confusion, initially.”

Marlor said plastic traffic barrels will be used with the expectation that there will be some confusion with drivers about the change, and any possible collisions with the barrels will cause less damage to vehicles than the concrete barriers would. The south-bound lane of White Street will be blocked to traffic so there will be just one lane going north.

After the change to one-way traffic, Marlor said new parking spaces will be created on Tezcuco Street, and the north bound lane will be closed to traffic. Initially, there will be no parking on White Street, but that may change in the future.