VA mess is a prelude to ACA

To the editor:

Each day that goes by this VA mess is getting deeper and deeper and more and more sickening. This a prelude to what a National Healthcare System will look like. Here’s the real kicker. It’s my belief the whole Obamacare debacle is an attempt to get us to a single payers system. In other words the left (knowing not one Republician voted for Obamacare) knew it was going to be mess and at the end of the day they think the population will just throw their arms in the air and say “yep we need universal healthcare”. The Veterans of the US make up a TINY percentage of the total population of the US and yet that bureaucracy called the VA is a mess, try to imagine the whole population of the US living in a VA system. Death panels and waiting lists. I challenge anyone reading this that thinks Government Healthcare will work to explain why they think it would be any different than the current mess called Veterans Administration.

Please leave the “if we didn’t have wars” stuff for To the a different argument.

Bill Kobe