Public lecture by Finnish artist

HANCOCK?- Aino Kajaniemi, Finland’s 2010 Textile Artist of the Year, recently made her United States debut at Textile Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and will continue to be displayed through FinnFest 2014. Kajaniemi will travel to Finlandia University Gallery in Hancock, Michigan on June 18th and will present a public lecture about her work.

The lecture will begin at 7 p.m. in the Hall of the Finnish American Heritage Center. The event is free and open to the public.

Kajaniemi uses the historic Scandinavian textile tradition as a medium for exploring contemporary individual and community emotion and memories. In her adept hands, the traditional tapestry medium – one with a rich cultural history – is transformed into something simultaneously both familiar and cutting-edge. Kajaniemi’s bold and dramatic tapestries, often likened to sketching or a form of line etching with fibers, have been shown in solo and collective shows throughout Europe. Her work is also well represented in Scandinavian art collections.

“My textiles are my way of thinking,” says Kajaniemi. “I want to produce the objects of my wonderings into something concrete, so that I could understand them. The subjects of my works usually originate from the inmost of a human being: sorrow, joy, uncertainty, guilt, tenderness and memories.”

Kajaniemi’s textile will be on exhibit at the Finlandia University Gallery in the coming months, dates to be announced.