Why are electric rates higher here?

To the editor:

I was impressed with your recent article presented by Kim Stoker and the concern over the high cost of electricity in our area. We moved here three years ago and after building our home were surprised at our high electricity bills. As compared to Alpena Michigan, where we lived for twelve years, the cost per kilowatt hour is more than double. Also the cost to lay the underground line was ten times higher that what we paid in Alpena for above ground service. When I contacted the power company, I was told there are not enough customers to spread the cost around. Our power company is now foreign owned and I hope they are not considering raising the rates. This area has everything to offer for new residents. We dealt with several contractors, building suppliers, state and local inspectors and they were all more than willing to help us build our home. We only let one dishonest resort owner take advantage of us. Please continue to work at providing affordable power to this area.

Joseph P Lallande