Love it or leave it

To the editor:

In response to Mr. Foltz complaint about the letter he recieved about peeling paint, I too was shocked when I got mine. Then I got to thinking my prayers have been answered. After many years of living down the street from a junk yard and next to a yard with old tires furn, etc and a unkept back yard. I too thought of putting up a sign but who would want to live near this mess.

I bought my grandmas old house and trust me it was hard work that made it nice not money. I was taught to have pride in what I own and respect for my neighbors which I instilled in my children. and when the mess flows over into my yard my hands are tied. I am a senior citizen and have enough work on my property. I am gladly fixing my peeling paint and am glad to obey the law. how else can you keep Houghton a nice place to live?

My advice to all who were offended by the LAW then move.


Joanne Belhart