Good Mourning

HANCOCK – When a loved one dies, the surviving spouse or partner may need help with some daily activities, such as paying bills or automobile care, and that’s one of the goals of the Good Mourning social bereavement support group.

Marianne Berghefer, volunteer and bereavement coordinator for Portage Health Hospice in Hancock, said Good Mourning recently formed as a partnership between Portage Health Hospice, Northridge Pines Assisted Living, and Gardenview Assisted Living and Memory Care in Calumet Township. The first meeting of Good Mourning will be Thursday at Northridge Pines Assisted Living on 25125 Veterans Memorial Highway (M-203) in Calumet Township.

“This is going to be every fourth Thursday of each month,” Berghefer said of Good Mourning.

Although the meetings will originate at Northridge Pines, Berghefer said the group will probably be making field trips to show some members how to do such things as fill a vehicle’s gasoline tank.

“We’ll go over to the local gas station and show them how to do it,” she said.

Berghefer said in many relationships, one person does one thing, such as yard work, house work or taking care of the vehicle, and the other has never or rarely done it.

When one person is suddenly on his or her own after the death of a spouse or partner, that person may need instruction in doing the things he or she has never or rarely done.

Berghefer said Good Mourning formed as a result of the people running the Portage Health bereavement group hearing from some members how difficult it was for them to do some daily or regular chores after a spouse died.

“If you’ve lived with someone for 40 or 50 years, (living alone) can be very daunting,” she said.

Although many of the people taking part in Good Mourning will be elderly, Berghefer said it isn’t only for older people. There will be no age minimum.

Exactly what is done each week in the Good Mourning meetings will depend on what the members of the group need, Berghefer said.

“It’s going to be led by the participants,” she said.

Berghefer said Good Mourning is about combining grieving and practicality.

There is no cost to attend the Good Mourning meetings, Berghefer said. For more information, call her at 483-1160, or Tina Heble at Gardenview Assisted Living and Memory Care at 337-0800.