A school means a lot to a small town

On Monday, the Baraga Area Schools Board of Education, adopted a budget for the 2014-15 school year. With the budget approval the board was able to keep the Pelkie Elementary School open for at least one more school year.

We are well aware of the bugetary pressures on local school districts and we are likewise aware of the money that can be saved by closing a under-used buidling.

That said, we applaud the board and superintendent Jennifer Lynn for their commitment to the school house that means a geat deal to a little community.

With their decision to keep the school open, the board acknowledges the presence of a school in a small town goes beyond chalkboards and recesses.

The Pelkie Elementary School serves as a community, civic, recreation and social center. The uses go far beyond the school day or even school year.

Many small communities derive much of their identity from the presence of a school building. Considering many Pelkie business activities have closed or moved in recent years, this makes the elementary school even more vital to the residents of this Baraga County community.

We are well aware of dwindling enrollment numbers. The board has already moved toward multi-grade classrooms. We are also aware of the likelyhood that we will be writing a similar piece lamenting the closure of the Pelkie Elementary School about a year from now. But for now, we celebrate with the residents of Pelkie and the courage and commitment shown to them by the Baraga school board.