How attending a movie can send a message

Local film maker, former radio personality Rick Allen, will debut his first feature film Friday and Saturday at the Calumet Theatre.

“Mutt” features an all-local cast and was shot entirely in the Copper Country. “Mutt” tells the story of the relationship between a mixed-race woman and a Native American man. It is essentially a story of bigotry.

The local settings and local actors will surely amuse and entertain local audiences, but there’s is more to the film than that.

We encourage everyone to see either of these free showings, for reasons that have nothing to do with the quallity of the film. “Mutt” may be your cup of tea, or it may not. If it is, see it twice and make a generous donation. If it’s not your thing, so be it.

The point is, this first-of-its kind endeavor deserves support.

Allen, with his Early Spring Productions, looks to start a viable film industry right here in the U.P.

This can only mean good news for the region. We don’t expect to become the next Hollywood anytime soon, but if attending a showing or two of a locally-made film can help the economy of the region and perhaps launch a career or two, we don’t think it’s too much to ask.