Where were the neighbors?

To the editor:

Where were you?

For the last 8 months my husband has been caring for a horse in our neighborhood due to the failing health and death of an elderly neighbor.

Recently, it has come to our attention that some of our “neighbors” have been telling anyone who would listen that the horse was being neglected.

If you were so concerned about the care this horse was receiving, why didn’t any of you knock on our door and ask what you could do to help? I have 8 other questions I would like our “neighbors” to answer:

Where were you when the owner of the horse was struggling to care for her due to her advancing age and failing health?

Where were you when the owner of the horse could no longer care for herself and needed to have meals delivered to her 7 days a week?

Where were you when those meals had to be picked up from Meals on Wheels, heated and delivered because Meals on Wheels doesn’t deliver to our neighborhood?

Where were you when my husband spent time every day hauling 5 gallon pails of water to the horse much of which was on snowshoes due to it being winter?

Where were you when the horse ran out of hay and needed more?

Where were you when the owner of the horse needed to be driven to her doctor appointments?

Where were you when her cats needed to be fed and watered?

Where were you when the horse’s owner passed away?

My guess is you were in your lovely lakeside sanctuary’s passing judgment on those who can actually answer these questions in the way they should be answered.

Also, you should seriously rethink your priorities. When you are more concerned about the care a horse is receiving than you were when your neighbor was struggling to survive, you’re a little messed up. Just for the record, the sheriff and the veterinarian who examined her both agreed that there was no neglect and the horse was being well cared for.

In the future, before you go about spouting off on a topic you know nothing about and did nothing about, maybe you should ask yourself again “Where were you?”

When you are ready to start acting like a neighbor should act, you know where we live. We’ll be waiting for your apology.

Elsa Green