Something is wrong

To the editor:

Wait a minute! Sanders is free to go. Wednesday June 11, 2014 DMG. No tickets or any kind of fines attached to driving while licensed suspended plus a controlled substance in his possession.

Maybe with intent to sell to your kids or your neighbors. You are welcome to leave the state of Michigan to never return.

So now the taxpayers of Michigan are footing his bill in the use of a jail cell and food.

That is 13 months we are paying for. Not to add the court costs plus transportation costs and the officer required to perform that task. We all know times are tough here in Michigan with the unemployment and the rising prices of goods and services.

I just can’t believe it. As far as I know anybody that gets pulled over for most DWI’s, OUIL’s, unlicensed drivers or no car insurance. Receives a fine. But he is free to go on how he has 3 years in Culinary Arts, but is not working in the field or employed period.

Thank you for your time.

Ken Hemmila