Wolf issue is a local issue

To the editor:

With all due respect to the recent out-of-state letter writers condemning the hunting or trapping of Michigan wolves (June 14 “Trapping is inhumane killing”) (June 7 “Hunting wolves is a waste” and “The right wolf question not asked”):

The most important point to remember – this is a local issue which will be decided by Michigan voters, not by New York or Wisconsin or California.

A secondary point yes the UP could possibly support a larger wolf population, but this would be detrimental to other populations such as deer, moose, rabbits, grouse, livestock, pets, and small children.

The farmlands around Madison and Ann Arbor could support wolves, but that doesn’t mean wolves should be there!

The question you need to answer for yourself:

How many wolves are we the UP citizens, farmers, and sportsmen/conservationists willing to tolerate?

This fall will be several important Michigan ballot measures related to this question. Please get out and vote.

Steve Tarnowski