Despite flaws, America is not far from its origins

We all know the story. A hot mid-summer in Philadelphia in late June and early July of 1776. Arguments, threats, and eventually compromises led to an eclectic groups of farmer, lawyers, printers and more eventually signed a declaration of independence from English rule. Thus the United States of America, with 13 of them, was born.

All that happened 238 years ago and so much has changed. In that time America, as it has come to be called, transformed from a vulnerable splinter country to, arguably, the world’s lone super power.

True there have been changes since those first days of 1776. Innovations in transportation, communication, commerce and industry to name just a few, have made present-day AMERICA essentially unrecognizable to those founders.

Yet so much has remained unchanged. Those simple principles that Jefferson put to paper, the ones about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are just as vital in America today as they were then.

While we may argue about the appropriate way to achieve those ends, the essential truth is, we live in a country which allows those arguments to take place. Not every place in the world can make such a statement.

As we celebrate America’s birthday with parades, food, music and fireworks, let us not stray too far from those who drafted the framework of this great nation, and the multitudes who’ve paid the price to keep it.