Media protects the president

To the editor:

In my March, 2013 submission I questioned whether we had become a nation of “morons or socialists.” Since then we’ve had more lies regarding Benghazi, NSA spying, an IRS scandal/cover-up, the V.A. fiasco, escalating illegal immigrant incursions, five terrorists exchanged for one possible deserter, exaggerated gay/transgender rights issues and abusing executive orders to circumvent established protocol. In the America I grew up in, any of these issues would have been sufficient to infuriate the public and possibly topple an administration. However, bolstered by a media that fails to adhere to a code of journalistic integrity and is complicit in its reporting practices, this president has avoided the scrutiny and criticism anyone else would receive and deserve.

So the left continues to have its way while the GOP (awaiting a spinal transplant) can’t seem to gain any cohesive traction. Doesn’t present a promising view of our future does it? If the left prevails in 2016 the America we knew will be gone forever. Why aren’t you as outraged as I am? Are you afraid of being called a “racist?” The establishment has and continues to capitalize on the apathy of the public and utilizes the media to deflect and intimidate whenever possible, strategies utilized successfully in 1930’s Germany.

It took hard work and sacrifices for America to achieve the greatness it once enjoyed. It will take a similar effort to regain it. Since money continues to be the prime motivator, there are steps we can take to push back but they require sacrifices and changes in behavior we may not be capable of making. For example, do the research and learn which corporations contributed to OBama. Stop/reduce consumption of their products (I no longer purchase GM). Stop/reduce your consumption of products advertised on left leaning networks (NBC). Stop watching biased network programming to impact ratings (especially prime sporting events). Reduce dependence on union represented products/services. Speak up if your children are being improperly influenced in the classroom and consider carefully where you send your graduates to college. Tell your elected representatives you will replace them if they continue this madness, etc.

Individually these measures won’t accomplish much but collectively they could be huge. It’s all about whether America is worth it and the degree of sacrifice you’re willing to make. Cutting the left off financially may help in managing your anger.

Tony Gerstberger