Visit to Wall a fitting tribute to those who fell

For more nearly 32 years millions of people annually have visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Wall in Washington D.C. The Wall was the brain child of Jan Scruggs who was motiviated to create a memorial after watching the film “The Deer Hunter.”

John Devitt of California attended the dedication of the Wall in November of 1982. He was then motivated to construct a portable “moving wall” that would travel the the nation, bringing the memorial to the people.

Using private funding, Devitt’s “Moving Wall” debuted in 1984.

The popularity of the moving wall led to the construction of two more and it is estimated the number of visitors to the Moving Wall over the years is in the tens of millions.

The dreams of Scruggs and Devitt return to the Copper Country this week when the Moving Wall will be on display at Legion Field in Calumet, for five days.

Viewing will begin at noon, Thursday and will continue until noon on Monday.

Events including a candlelight vigil Friday and formal dedication ceremonies on Saturday are scheduled throughout the five days.

The Moving Wall, about half the size of the D.C. original, contains the names of 58,195 casualties of the Vietnam conflict.

To us, regardless of age, military experience and connection to any name on it, it is impossible to view The Wall without being moved.

Reading the names of real men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, puts humanity on statistics. A reminder the caskets many of watched on nightly newscasts in the ’60s and ’70, were actual people … fathers, mothers, sons, daughters brothers and sisters.

We must never forget their sacrifice and the best way to honor their memory is to visit the wall this week,