CCISD looks to set goals for 2014-15

HANCOCK – As the school year draws nearer, the Copper Country Intermediate School Board of Education took a look at establishing its goals for 2014-15 at its annual organizational meeting Tuesday. During George Stockero’s first meeting as CCISD superintendent, the board discussed some goals for and changes coming this school year.

Stockero, who has only officially held the position of superintendent for two weeks, told the board he has been working with different administrators and groups within the CCISD to establish goals. He requested that the board carefully review the finalized goals, which will be ready in two weeks, before its next meeting in August.

“I have sat down and created some goals that are under my specific direction, which are encompassing facilities, CTE?(Career and Technical Education), transportation and other issues,” he said. “Right now I’m excited and I’m figuring out what do I want to accomplish in this one school year.”

Although the CCISD goals have been set in the spring in years past, with for superintendent Dennis Harbour retiring, the board pushed back the goal-setting date. This change, Stockero said, might be better for the CCISD and for evaluating progress.

“The one thing I think I realized looking back, and which I’d like you to consider, is this is the time we should be doing the goals. I think the goals were done an awkward time of year,” he said. “I believe next year I should be coming to you in July with my goals for the school year and then in May we can look back and see if I or the group accomplished those goals during the school year.”

Stockero also shared a legislative update with the board concerning changes to the Michigan Merit Curriculum, which will allow more students to enroll in Career and Technical Education classes.

“In the end the big difference is, right now, you could take a CTE class in place of senior math, but now you can take it in place of Algebra II. We will have more students who are able to take CTE class and take them earlier,” Stockero said. “The other thing is the foreign language. They are now saying instead of two years of foreign language, you only have to take one if you are taking a CTE class or a visual and performing arts class.”

This change, which Stockero said was introduced by Upper Peninsula representatives, may better serve some students in the CCISD who do not plan on attending a four-year university.

“There is a certain percentage of kids out there that, if you force them to take math and foreign language, they’re just going to drop out. The only way you’re going to serve them is to give them CTE,” said Robert Tuomi, CCISD president.