Resolution of infertility using chiropractic care

CHASSELL?- A recent article in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health reported on a 31-year-old female with a history of infertility undergoing subluxation-based chiropractic care.

A 31-year-old female presented to a chiropractic office with a chief complaint of upper back and neck tension as well as migraine headaches. Your Chassell-based Dr. Jinny Sirard, D.C., who follows health and wellness issues closely in professional journals and other publications stated, “Her history revealed that she had a 3-year history of infertility and irregular menstrual cycles”

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2002, there were 7.3 million American women between the ages of 15-44 who had impaired fertility, equaling 11.8 percent. “Infertility is a state of sterility or absolute inability to conceive.” Dr. Sirard related.

A full chiropractic evaluation, including x-rays, thermography, surface electromyography and heart rate variability were utilized to evaluate vertebral subluxation. Specific diversified adjustments were applied to manage subluxations. “Following one adjustment the patient reported normal menstruation and following eight adjustments the patient reported she had conceived,” said Dr. Sirard.

“In this case, chiropractic care for the management of vertebral subluxation appeared to be beneficial in the restoration of reproductive health and subsequent fertility,” explained Dr. Sirard, “so more research is warranted in regards to chiropractic’s role in reproductive health and infertility.”

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Editor’s note: This article was submitted by Superior Family Chiropractic.