Editorial missed mark on guns

To the editor:

The editorial from the Battle Creek Enquirer printed in the July 10, Daily Mining Gazette absolutely amazes me. The author of that editorial must have had his eyes closed.

And if he opened them, he wouldn’t see anything but his own hemorrhoids.

He said he couldn’t think of “a single public interest served” by blocking public access to records of gun ownership. In the next sentence he mentions that some New York newspaper published the names and addresses of hand gun owners in two counties north of New York City. Now every felon in New York who can’t legally buy a hand gun has a list of homes to burglarize to get such weapons.

Maybe that newspaper should also publish the gun owners’ working hours and vacation schedules as well!

If I want to own a gun, its my constitutional right, and the law says its my business, not the business of some jerkwater newspaper or their left wing gun control employees who want to get guns into the wrong hands.

Finally, I wonder why the Gazette would think this editorial was worth repeating?

Frank Donnelly