Ask your team to play the Jets

To the editor:

I am writing as an Adams Township School Board member and as a parent of four student athletes.

Our Jeffers hockey team is struggling each year to fill out a workable schedule. We were recently informed that Calumet will not play us again this year, and both Houghton and Hancock are dropping one game with us and each will play us only once. That leaves us having to fill our schedule with long bus trips and spending a great deal of money.

I understand the reasons for the larger schools decisions, but at the same time we do live in a community that should support each other. If you live in Hancock, Houghton or Calumet I invite you to call your school today and ask them to add Jeffers to this years hockey schedule. We not only represent our school but through our co-op hockey program we have students from Lake Linden, Dollar Bay, Chassell and Ontonagon. If most who read this take action and call the three larger schools we can make this happen. We want to keep our hockey program but we need to play local teams to make this workable.

Steven Nicholas

South Range