Grace is important in these trying times

To the editor:

A recent submittal about “Grace,” by Ms. Laurn; was well received and understood by myself as I would presume likewise by other fellow believers. This observation and belief is very important in these trying and uncertain days that we find ourselves in. To those in unbelief, which is a sad situation and can be brought on by many reasons, these people have difficulty in understanding the concepts of following any type of religion or perhaps even any spiritual based worship. Other components of most any religion such as faith, devotion, obedience, love forgiveness etc. have been discussed at length in these many DMG letters; and it seems that some will argue and deny anything brought out in support of someone’s personal convictions and heartfelt feelings as well as their intimate understanding of the relationship that believers and followers have with their respective God, higher power and the like. I follow Christianity and as my wife and I study the Holy Bible, we quite often find contradiction and some vagueness in its passages. However, with prayer and time it is amazing how the meanings are revealed. Perhaps there are reasons for all of this.

If all of the Bible were cut and dried, some may lose interest in it.

Also, it draws the reader back to re-examine passages in question. And too, I feel that written as is, it can minister to many different people to serve their various needs. Jesus Christ was sent into the world to minister to the people of his day, to lay the foundation of his ministry into the future and most importantly had his life sacrificed for a lost world of sinners (for all times).

Through his resurrection, he conquered death proving that all who believe and follow him will have eternal life. Even if a person thinks this is some kind of hoax or is poppycock, just think this. To believe, follow and obey is free.

The good rewards are immense. But the bitter fruit of not being saved is horrid.

Keith Wanhaaho