Hamas, not Israel is real enemy of Gazans

To the editor:

If you built a house in Israel you must build a shelter of 1.5 ft thick reinforced concrete. Hamas in Gaza, however, builds tunnels for assassins to infiltrate Israel, not air raid shelters. Hamas fires rockets indiscriminately at civilian targets in Israel; Israel is after the tunnels and the rocket launchers and stockpiles. When there are warnings of an impending strike Hamas tells the children to get up on the rooftop as human shields, then exploits the pictures of dead and dying children.

Hamas has only one agenda: to destroy Israel and kill the Jews.

After WW II there were an estimated forty million refugees, but in a couple of years they were all resettled or repatriated. In the years since the 1948 Israeli war, the Palestinians have remained in refugee camps fed by a permanent UNRA United Nations Relief Organization, your tax dollars at work. The UNRA employees have lifetime employment providing handouts to the Palestinians.

Forty percent of Gazans are unemployed, yet before the Intefada and Hamas, many had jobs in Israel. No more. Now Israel imports foreign guest workers, but not Palestinians. Hamas is the Gazans’ worst enemy, not Israel.

Harley L. Sachs