The Blooze Brothers at The Calumet Theatre

While Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi won’t be on stage performing their hit songs, the next best thing will be: The Blooze Brothers – a tribute band for the original Blues Brothers.

The band consists of Chuck Little, who performs as Elwood and John Aguila who performs as Jake, as well as several other musicians who play a variety of instruments.

According to Little, the idea of doing a Blues Brothers tribute band sprung from a costume search for a Halloween party.

“I mentioned to (John) that we should go as The Blues Brothers and we could do a few songs,” Little said. “That was in 1991 and it went over really well.”

After that, the duo went over Chicago performing at weddings and other shows, but they decided they wanted to go even bigger.

“I had looked at the wanted ads and there was an ad saying a Blues Brothers band was looking for a Jake and Elwood,” Little said. “They came out to see us that night. We were at a night club. The next day we were in rehearsal with the band.”

Over the years, people have left the band, and because of that, the musicians they have taken on have gotten better and better.

“Each time we had an opening people would line up to audition,” Little said.

The Blooze Brothers has gotten so popular over the years, they have even been requested to play during an Obama inauguration party, although the president was not there.

“They put us up first class right down the street from the White House and we got to talk to secret service,” Little said.

Little also said the show will be appropriate for all ages.

“We’re hoping that they get a fun enjoyable evening,” he said.

The band will be selling some of their CDs and will be signing as many autographs as they can to people who want them, as well as posing for photographs.

Despite having played the same character for several years, Little said he never tires of it.

“When you’re portraying a character in front of people, there’s an energy that’s hard to describe.”

The Blooze Brothers will be playing The Calumet Theatre Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are on sale now and range from $30 to $22.