Coach Crawford built a dynasty

To the editor:

Calumet athletics has announced that Coach Crawford will retire after this upcoming hockey season. With his leadership, the Copper Kings have had great success throughout the years. I’ll never forget the games in the 90’s when the resounding chant of “U.P. Power!” rocked the Flint-IMA. Copper King pride oozing from the souls of us lucky enough to be present. Although, it did seem like the whole town was there. One year, the sign at the Armory read, “Last one out turn out the lights.” Or something like that.

I can’t even imagine what the folks downstate thought about us. How many Yoopers were playing on hand-me-down skates? How many years of practice and games had our jerseys and equipment endured? That stuff didn’t seem to matter back then. Our team was there to play hockey. And boy, could we skate! Keeping up with other teams through multiple overtime periods. Earning a right to play in the state finals so many times. Year after year of exciting hockey, bearing the fruit of new generations of school spirit.

Coach Crawford is consistent. His team is in shape. They skate hard in practice. They skate a lot at practice.

Is it true that some parents created and signed a petition to force Coach Crawford into retirement? Is it true that the athletic department gave him the ultimatum? Was it because some kids complained about skating too much or skating too hard?

Parents, if your kids don’t want to skate then I suggest you encourage another sport or activity. You should be ashamed of yourselves for causing a key component of the Copper King legacy go out this way.

Nicole Clairmont