Don’t ignore the voters of the Copper Country

While the November general election is still more than two months off, the campaign season is starting heat up. Candidates for state-wide and national office are hitting the fairs and festivals in an attempt to become household names before November.

But for some reason the Keweenaw Peninsula doesn’t seem to be valuable to at least two Democrats at this point in the race.

On Sunday, 1st Congressional District Democratic nominee Gen. Jerry Cannon (Ret.) and Democratic gubinatorial nominee Mark Shauer’s running mate Lisa Brown were on hand for the opening of the Marquette County Democratic Party headquarters. Neither, however, deemed it necessart to venture any further west.

Brown, in fact, had spent several days campaigning in the central U.P. making stops in Munising and Escanaba in addition to Marquette.

Cannon, after a brief tour announcing his candacy months ago, has not been seen in the Copper Country since.

The absence of these two prominent Democrats is particulary noticeble in a week that saw both Congressman Dan Benishek, R-Crystal Falls, and Republican Gov. Rick Snyder deem the Keweenaw important enought to visit.

Perhaps the Democrats feel the Western U.P. isn’t a big enough prize.

Whatever the reason, all candidates would be wise to know those of us in the Copper Country and vacinity often feel ignored by Lansing and Washington.

We realize we are in a remote distant location, so we generally appreciate and respect candidates who come up here looking for our vote.

And we won’t forget those who don’t make the trip.