It’s time for the biggest ‘fest’ of the summer

As much fun as all these summer festivals have been, as residents of the Keweenaw, we may have reached the point, as we do every summer, where we are a bit “fested out.”

Beginning with Memorial Day, it seems each and every weekend has us celebrating one thing or another – a man-made structure (BridgeFest), man-made food (PastyFest) or produce (Strawberry Fest). At some point all this having fun is beginning to feel like work.

That said, the longest and biggest summer celebration in the Copper County is less than a day away and we can’t wait.

The Houghton County Fair begins its four-day run Thursday and all indications point to one of the best ever. As they say, the fair really does have something for everyone. A new carnival vendor this year looks to have more and varied rides than in years past. As harvest season approaches local produce should, well, produce a bounty of blue ribbons. The competition for cooked, baked, canned and pickeled goods remind us why local fairs have been popular for centuries.

The fair board has gone above and beyond in procurring entertainment for the entire family, on the indoor stage, outdoor arena or along the midway.

But the Houghton County fair, like every county and state fair in America, is more than the sum of its parts. When you think about it, fairs are the culmination of what we asked as small children.

“Watch me,” “Look at what I did.” These are very basic human characteristics. They represent the need to show what we’ve accomplished and enjoy those rewards. Whether it be for raising livestock, produce, arts and crafts, or the ability to land a ping pong ball in a gold fish bowl, the Houghton County Fair gives us all an opportunity to enjoy our accomplishments and those of others.

And have a corn dog as well.